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2017 is the forty-eighth year of Nerf and the twenty-eighth year of Super Soaker.


Unreleased products


Alien Menace

Name Price
Voidcaster Voidcaster 19.99 USD

DoomLands 2169

Name Price
Negotiator Negotiator 19.99 USD
TheJudgeDoomlands The Judge 59.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
Disruptor Disruptor 12.99 USD
Name Price
Accustrike 12 Accustrike Dart Refill varies
Alphahawk Alphahawk 29.99 USD
Falconfire FalconFire 14.99 USD
Raptorstrike RaptorStrike 49.99 USD

N-Strike Mega

Name Price
DoubleBreach DoubleBreach 24.99 USD
Twinshock TwinShock 39.99 USD

N-Strike Modulus

Name Price
BarrelStrike BarrelStrike 14.99 USD
NERF MODULUS DAY NIGHT ZOOM SCOPE Accessory Day/Night Zoom Scope 49.99 USD
Regulator Regulator 59.99 USD
Unknown-2 StockShot 14.99 USD
Unknown-3 Storage Shield 7.99 USD
Images-0 Storage Stock 7.99 USD


Name Price
NERF NITRO DUELFURY DEMOLITION Set Duelfury Demolition Set 39.99 USD
NERF NITRO FLASHFURY CHAOS Set Flashfury Chaos Set 29.99 USD
Unknown Foam Car Refill varies
NERF NITRO LONGSHOT SMASH Set Longshot Smash Set 19.99 USD
NERF NITRO MOTOFURY RAPID RALLY Set Motofury Rapid Rally Set 49.99 USD
Unknown Throttleshot Blitz 9.99 USD


Name Price
NERF REBELLE ACCUSTRIKE 12 DART Refill Pack Accustrike Dart Refill 5.99 USD
Unknown Combow 29.99 USD
FocusfireCrossbow Focusfire Crossbow 19.99 USD
Truepoint Truepoint 9.99 USD


Name Price
Artemis-red Artemis XVII-3000 44.99 USD
NERF RIVAL Flashlight Grip Accessory Flashlight Grip 14.99 USD
NemesisMXVII10K Nemesis MXVII-10K 99.99 USD
NERF RIVAL Red Dot Sight Accessory Red Dot Sight 14.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
OutbreakerBow Outbreaker Bow 19.99 USD
Dreadbolt Dreadbolt 49.99 USD

Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
Dartfire DartFire 19.99 USD
Freezefire2 FreezeFire 2.0 7.99 USD
Floodinator Floodinator 14.99 USD
Hoverflood HoverFlood 24.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
Zombinator Zombinator 17.99 USD
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