The 3-in-1 Net Set is a Nerf product that was released in 1995 under the Nerf Sports series.

The 3-in-1 Net Set comes packaged with four rackets, a volleyball, two tennis balls, two birdies, six pole sections, four pole spacer rings, two pole bases, four stakes and some cable.[1]


The 3-in-1 Net Set is a package of sports products that, when assembled, are able to form three different fully functional sports activities. Volleyball, tennis, and badminton are included with the package, though the games themselves largely differ in the placement of the net. Tennis is played with the net close to, if not touching the ground. Volleyball and badminton, on the other hand, are played with a raised net. The included net is eleven feet (11 ft.) long. Because of the size of the product when fully assembled, it is strongly recommended to use this product in an outdoor location.

The most simple of the games, volleyball, is played using just the raised net and the ball. The remainder of the included pieces are used for the other two sports.


The 3-in-1 Net Set was copyrighted in 1994 though an actual year of release is unknown. As a result of this it is commonly believed to have been released the following year.

1995 catalogs included the 3-in-1 Net Set though it was dropped from advertising by 1996.


  • The volleyball included is likely to be around the same size and shape as a Super Nerf Ball. In the same regard, the included tennis balls are more than likely Ballistic Balls. This information cannot be confirmed, however.

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