The 3 Ring Tuff Tug is a Nerf-branded dog toy that was released in 2013 under the Nerf Dog series.


It is a toy that can be used for tugging games, such as tug-of-war. The toy consists of a blue and a green ring tethered into a black ring in the center. The toy itself comes in two variations, both being the same color. Despite the difference in variations, the black ring in the middle remains the same size in both variation. The small version is approximately nine inches long and the large version is approximately fifteen inches long.[1]

It is, alongside the Jai-aili Ball Thrower, the only Nerf Dog product to not come in more than one color scheme. On each outside ring there is a handle grip on opposing sides. The Nerf logo is printed onto one of the sides. The handle is likely there for when the player and their dog are amidst a game requiring a strong grip, most notably tugging games.


It was released in the first line of Nerf Dog products. It was first unveiled at a SuperZoo convention in July, 2013.



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