The Action Kit is a Nerf product set introduced in 2013.


It is a compilation of various tech products, including a Jolt EX-1, a Movement Detector and a Spy Sound Amplifier, with all included products previously available in their own separate kits.

The Jolt is for some reason mistaken as "Reflex IX", although on the packaging of the Disk Shooter it was mistaken as the "Jolt-X" and clearly says on the packaging of the Jolt inside the box "Jolt EX-1". This is generally believed to be an error in translation.

It is likely that, although this may be under the Nerf name, it was not actually made by Hasbro. Further evidence to support this is the logo on the box, which differs from the N-Strike logo, and resembles the logo used on the Disk Shooter.


It was first debuted at the 2013 Toy Fair.[1]

As no further pictures or information about the product have surfaced, it is possible the product was cancelled.


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