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Agent Bow
Blaster typeSingle-fire pull-and-release arrow blasterRebelle Agent Bow
Ammunition typeArrows
FeaturesDetachable three arrow storage, red-dot sight, secret message sending/decoding abilities
Firing rangeThe Agent Bow can fire up to fifty feet flat and possibly further depending on how much practice is performed before using the bow.[1][2]
ReliabilityThe blaster is rather finicky when firing; the arrow has to be perfectly aligned when firing, or the arrow will flop to the ground. The exclusive arrows themselves are also not particularly durable around their wings. When held steadily, the Agent Bow is impressively accurate.
Rate of fireDue to the fact that the arrows take some time to steady and load into place, firing the blaster takes quite some time.
CapacityIt can hold up to four arrows at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailDespite the glaring flaw while firing the blaster, the Agent Bow still features impressive accuracy. The range and erratic nature of the blaster prevent it from being a recommended choice in battle. Still, the Agent Bow should act as a decent blaster for those in a position where rate of fire is less needed in a battle or for someone interested in a fun toy to imitate true archery with.


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