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Air Tech 1000
Blaster typeSingle-fire reverse plunger dart blasterAT1K Pic
Ammunition typeMicro Darts
FeaturesFaux Liquitron Power Gauge
Firing rangeIt is fairly weak and can only reach maximum distances of up to twenty-five feet.[1][2]
ReliabilityIt is unable to jam due to its firing mechanism. The cocking mechanism, however, is hard to grip onto due to its small size.
This blaster has better than average accuracy, however tends to over-shoot the target.
Rate of fireThe 1000 can fire about one dart a second, however it can take longer, mainly because pressing the trigger takes up time, as the barrel rotates on the trigger pull. This is also due to the way the blaster is loaded, which can be time consuming.
CapacityThe blaster can hold up to four darts at a time. The Air Tech 1000 is also capable of firing Mega Darts.[3]
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Air Tech 1000 is a fair backup blaster that has now become quite rare. Commonly overshadowed by other blasters in the Air Tech line, the 1000 is a decent blaster for its size although modification potential is limited.


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