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Air Tech 3000
Blaster typeSingle-fire air-powered dart blasterNerf-air-tech-3000
Ammunition typeMicro Darts
FeaturesLiquitron gauge, automatically rotating barrel
Firing rangeIt shoots between fifteen and forty feet, depending on the number of times the blaster is pumped.[1][2]
ReliabilityThis blaster cannot jam. There are currently no known problems. The priming handle is somewhat small and may not be comfortable for older Nerfers.[3] It is quite accurate.[4]
Rate of fireThe Air Tech 3000 fires about two darts every second with one pump per shot, or one dart every two seconds for three pumps a shot.
CapacityThis blaster holds up to six darts at once.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Air Tech 3000 is an excellent blaster, especially considering its age. Some may consider it the prime of the Air Tech series. It is still commonly used for modifications today due to its potential power.


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