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Air Tech Jet Squadron
Blaster typeAir-powered jet blasterATJSK pic
Ammunition typeSonic Jets
FeaturesMulti-fire trigger, aircraft-like design, ability to multi-fire four jets at once
Firing rangeThe Air Tech Jet Squadron has a maximum firing range slightly over twenty feet.[1]
ReliabilityThere are no known issues with the blaster as of right now. It is relatively accurate.
Rate of fireThis blaster fires around just over one jet a second. It does have the ability to fire all four jets at the same time, however.[2]
CapacityThis blaster holds a maximum of four jets at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe Air Tech Jet Squadron is a unique blaster that offers mediocre performance. While its overall usability in battle is limited, it is still a fun toy that has become very rare nowadays. It is not recommended to bring into battle due to its performance, but it makes a good blaster to keep on one's shelf.


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