Air Warriors is a series of Buzz Bee dart blasters.



The Air Warriors acts as a successor to the Air Blasters series and even has a similar logo to it. A successor to the series, Air Warriors EXTREME, features boosted firing ranges compared to standard Air Warriors firing ranges.

Air Warriors products


Image Name Year
AirTek8 Air Tek 8 2010
Hawk Hawk 2010
Hunter Hunter 2010
Auto20 Automatic 20 2011
BeltBlasterblue Belt Blaster 2011
BlowBlaster Blow Blaster 2011
DoubleShot2011 Double Shot 2011
Maniac Maniac 2011
Mech12 Mech 12 2011
RADS12 RADS 12 2011
Surge6 Surge 6 2011
Surge10 Surge 10 2011
Tek3 Tek 3 2011
Tek4 Tek 4 2011
Tek6 Tek 6 2011
Tek10 Tek 10 2011
Torrent Torrent 2011
Turbo12 Turbo 12 2011
Cougar Cougar 2012
Jaguar Jaguar 2012
Overlord Overlord 2012
RapidFireTek Rapid Fire Tek 2012
Rogue Rogue 2012
AutoTek20 Auto Tek 20 2013
SideWinder Side Winder 2013
Tek5 Tek 5 2013
GunSmoke GunSmoke 2014
Predator Predator 2014
Sonic6 Sonic 6 2014
VampHunter Vampire Hunter 2014
PowerBow Power Bow 2014
GunsmokePistol GunSmoke Pistol 2015


Air Max

Main article: Air Max

The Air Max sub-series is comparable to the Nerf N-Strike Mega series; blasters released under this sub-series feature XL Distance Darts that boost firing ranges.


Main article: Ultra-Tek

The Ultra-Tek sub-series, like the Air Warriors EXTREME series, is similar to the Nerf N-Strike Elite series; blaster released under this sub-series fire Long Distance Darts that help to boost firing ranges.


  • A marshmallow blaster named the Mini Marshmallow Attack was also released within the Air Warriors series.

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