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Air Warriors EXTREME is a Buzz Bee series of dart blasters that was released in 2012


Air Warriors EXTREME blasters have better firing ranges, compared to previous Buzz Bee blasters. Blasters within the series have a firing range of up to sixty feet, except for the Panther, which can only fire up to forty-five feet. All blasters in this series are powered by air pressure, something unseen in the competing Nerf N-Strike Elite and Zuru X-Shot Excel lines.


The series was originally called Air Blasters Extreme. It was later renamed to Air Warriors EXTREME in early 2014.



Image Name Year
Panther Panther/Air Max 1 2012
RangeMaster Range Master 2012
AirMax6 Air Max 6 2013
AirMax10 Air Max 10 2013
Blastzooka Blastzooka 2014


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