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 Air Zone is a brand of dart blasters. The series began in the late 1990's at an unknown time. Since the early 2000's, the brand now consists generally of re-releases of Buzz Bee, X-Shot, and Lanard dart blasters, or blasters made by Prime Time Toys. They have also adopted other brands that are not as well known into their labels, such as Banzai, in recent years.

They are exclusively sold at Toys "R" Us retail stores. They differ from the original products only on label, and occasionally color scheme of both the blaster and ammunition.


The line started in the 1990s with a small amount of blasters, such as the Air Bazooka and The Professional.

In the early 2000s, Air Zone had decided to start re-releasing blasters from other companies such as Lanard, Buzz Bee, and Zuru, to put under their label.

Within a few years, their blasters had changed color schemes multiple times, similar to Buzz Bee and their Air Blasters line. For example, in 2011, a variety of blasters were re-released under a red color scheme.[1]

In 2013, Air Zone began to rename some blasters from other companies such as the Panther and putting them under their own label.

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  1. Nerf Mods & Reviews: Air Zone Tek 6, Now Red..

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