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Alpha Trooper CS-18
Blaster typeSingle fire/slam fire clip system reverse plunger dart blasterAlphaR
Ammunition typeStreamline Darts
FeaturesSlam fire, detachable shoulder stock compatibility, one tactical rail, two strap points
Firing rangeThis blaster's range is about thirty-five to forty feet.[1]
ReliabilityThis blaster surprisingly does not jam all that frequently. Most jams, however, are caused by human error. The Alpha Trooper has issues when people slam fire way too fast or too hard. The Alpha Trooper starts to lose its range after too much frequent slam firing. The Alpha Trooper is a rather accurate clip system blaster. As expected, slam firing decreases the blaster's accuracy.
Rate of fireThe Alpha Trooper can fire up to about four darts per second[2], depending how fast the user can prime the blaster. Any faster is physically impossible and would likely cause jams.
CapacityThe Alpha Trooper can hold up to eighteen darts in its packaged drum, plus one in the secret spare dart hole located inside the handle, totaling at nineteen darts.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Alpha Trooper is considered as an excellent blaster overall, due to its superb firepower, long ranges, value for money price and a high ammo capacity. It is widely considered an all around blaster and is a N-Strike fan favorite for beginning Nerfers.


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