The Ammo Bag Kit is a Nerf product set that was released in 2010 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged with the ammo bag and fifty camo darts of the buyer's choice.


It comes packaged with a small camouflage-colored bag that can carry a combination of darts and clips. It can be clipped to a belt or even fastened onto the bandolier. It is advertised to hold up to one hundred darts.

There are four versions of the Ammo Bag Kit: white, black, gray, and green. The white version comes packaged with Whistler Darts, the gray and black versions comes packaged with Streamline Darts, and the green version comes packaged with Micro Darts. These darts have camo designs on them as well that match to the color of the bag.

Inside the kit is a divider which can be used to organize different kinds of darts or to separate darts and clips from one another. One side of the divider can hold four clips; the bag can fit eight clips. The bag can even hold the Secret Strike AS-1, Reflex IX-1, Triad EX-3, the Jolt EX-1 and other very small blasters.


This was the first way to obtain camo ammunition. Since the release of the Ammo Bag Kit, camo XLR Discs and Elite Darts have been released in refill packs.


  • For those who are traceurs, assuming it is mounted to the front or front-side of the hip, it does not impede rolling, and the Velcro seals ammo from coming out from rolls and running.
  • On the other hand, when the ammo is even the least bit free to move about the bag, clips clack, ammo is deformed, and the shifting contents are annoying in the heat of battle. The divider is simply not enough to keep the darts perfectly stacked.
  • A simple modification of a magnetic close makes it even easier to use now that one will not have to ensure the Velcro makes contact firmly.
  • An efficient substitute for the ammo bag is a fanny pack because it boasts the same space but with more pockets for organization and its own belt. However, they may be difficult to find due to their fashionable faux pas title.
  • The Micro Darts that come with the bag seem to fit more tightly than usual into the Vulcan EBF-25's twenty-five dart belt. This may help to increase range.
  • It can (though not very easily) be attached to the adjustable velcro straps on the sides of the hips/chest of the N-Strike and N-Strike Elite tactical vests, acting as a decent capacity ammo pouch.



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