The Arctic Blast is a Hasbro Super Soaker that was released in 2007 under the Aquashock series.


The Arctic Blast, alongside the Hydro Blitz, is the first elastic-powered water soaker since the 2005 SoakerTag Elite lineup introduced the Aquapack Devastator and the Flash Flood. This soaker is designed to be used with ice cubes to create an icy blast of water; this method was previously used on the Arctic Shock.


It was originally released in 2007, but was re-released in 2008 under the 2008 series. This version came in both the original, and an updated color scheme. The soaker did not make the jump to 2010's Soaker Wars lineup, indicating the soaker was most likely discontinued.

The blaster was used as a basis for the Iron Man 2 Water Blaster, and because of this, uses the same internals and shell. The only variation between the two blasters is the color scheme.

Color schemes

The Arctic Blast has been released with the following color schemes: