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Armor of Asgard Thor Hammer

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Armor of Asgard Thor Hammer
Performance information
Type of productHammer (Promotional)
Size2' long
Release information
BrandHasbro (Nerf)
Year released2011
Average retail price9.99 USD

The Armor of Asgard Thor Hammer is a promotional Nerf weapon that was released in 2011 to promote the film Thor.


It a foam hammer that is made to resemble Mjolnir, Thor's trusty hammer. It is made of the typical foam used in most Nerf items.


The Armor of Asgard Thor Hammer is the first promotional Nerf-branded non-blaster weapon to be introduced. It was revealed alongside the Armor of Asgard Thor Sword at the 2011 New York Toy Fair.[1] It was followed up with the 2014 Thor Battle Hammer and Thor Lightning Strike Hammer. These hammers used very similar designs to this hammer.



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