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The Arrowstorm (known on front of the packaging as the Arrowstorm Gatling Unit and known as the Firestorm outside of North America) is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1993 under the Original Nerf name.

It comes packaged with six arrows.


It has a rotating barrel that holds six arrows. When the blaster is pulled back, the barrel automatically rotates. There is a built-in carrying handle on top of the blaster. Iron sights are also found on the carrying handle.

Reloading and firing

To reload, place up to six arrows onto the barrel/muzzle of the blaster.

To fire the Arrowstorm, pull back the back handle on the blaster and push it forward.


Devon Sawa in Nerf Arrow Storm Ad from 199300:31

Devon Sawa in Nerf Arrow Storm Ad from 1993

The official Arrowstorm commercial.

  • The blaster is similar to the Missilestorm.
  • Mega Darts can be placed in the barrel of this blaster and fired. They reach distances of around fifty feet.
  • There are two variations of the Arrowstorm: one has the open slits near the turret, and the other has only the outline for the slits.
  • Although the blaster is discontinued, a rival company to Nerf named Air Zone has produced a blaster named the Arrowstorm that is extremely similar to Nerf's Arrowstorm.


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