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Blaster typePush-and-pull arrow blasterArrowstorm
Ammunition type11" arrows
FeaturesIntegrated carrying handle, iron sights
Firing rangeThe Arrowstorm can fire up to forty-five feet.[1][2][3]
ReliabilityThe Arrowstorm features an exceptional seal on its turret. This blaster has the possibility of jamming[4], especially if the rotation mechanism is at all worn out. Younger users may have difficulty firing the Arrowstorm. The Arrowstorm is also very loud when firing.[5] The blaster may also suffer from a broken shell face plate over time due to the powerful plunger head repeatedly striking the same area. Getting hit by the Arrowstorm may hurt from close distances.[6] It is fairly accurate[7]; accuracy can decrease over time due to deterioration of the arrow ammunition.
Rate of fireThe Arrowstorm can fire about three arrows a second.
CapacityThis blaster holds six arrows at a time. The blaster is also capable of firing Mega Darts or SuperMAXX Darts, an additional advantage in battle.[8][9][10]
Final verdict and summary
Review PassDespite its age the Arrowstorm is still a very useful blaster. Its range and rate of fire are still impressive. This blaster remains a classic addition to an arsenal to this very day.


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