The AutoGrip is a single-fire Nerf blaster that was released in 1996 under the Cyber Stryke Gear series.

It comes packaged with four Mega Darts.


The blaster features tech-like aesthetics, much like the rest of the Cyber Stryke Gear series. It has a gray, orange, and black color scheme. It is designed to attach to the forearm of the user, much like the Strongarm, the RotoTrack, the Optimus Prime Battle Rig Blaster, and the Starscream Barrel Roll Blaster. It is worn by wearing a black plastic wrist strap around one's wrist. The wrist strap also has three dart holders on it. It is designed for right handed-use only.

The blaster can be folded back when not in use. To ready it for use, there is a small pin located below the blaster's handle. When pulled the front part of the blaster flips forward. The blaster features a direct plunger system with a long prime.[3]


It was the first blaster in the Cyber Stryke Gear line to be released.[1]

Reloading and firing

To reload the AutoGrip, simply place a dart in the blaster's muzzle and pull back on the orange priming bar.

To fire, pull the trigger.



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