Blast Better!
— BOOMco.'s tagline, as seen on product packaging

BOOMco. is a series of Mattel dart blasters that was released in 2014. It had an international release out of Europe in July 2014.[1]


BOOMco. blasters feature the use of Smart Stick Darts, which have the ability to stick to special surfaces of BOOMco. products. Many blasters also feature an attachment rail similar to that of the tactical rail, as well as shield accessories or features.

Most BOOMco. blasters advertise a firing range of seventy feet (twenty meters)[1], comparable to that of the Nerf N-Strike Elite series.

BOOMco. products


Name Year
Clipfire Clipfire 2014
Farshot Farshot 2014
Quicksnap Quicksnap 2014
RapidMadness Rapid Madness 2014
StealthAmbush Stealth Ambush 2014
TwistedSpinner Twisted Spinner 2014
Whipblast Whipblast 2014
Breakflip Breakflip 2015
Burstwave Burstwave 2015
Dartsplosion Colossal Blitz 2015
CrankForce Crank Force 2015
Dynamag Dynamag 2015
Flipbow Flipbow 2015
Gripstrike Gripstrike 2015
MadSlammer Mad Slammer 2015
RailStinger RailStinger 2015
Slamblast Slamblast 2015
Spinsanity3X Spinsanity 3X 2015
DKK38-XRC Rush 2016
Slambow Slambow 2016
Thundercover Thundercover 2016
Boomcotriblast Tri-Blast 2016


Name Year
2in1Bandolier-box 2-In-1 Bandolier 2014
ClipandDarts Clip & Darts 2014
EyeGear-box Eye Gear 2014
RoundsandMagazine Rounds & Magazine 2014
SmartStickTargetsbox Smart Stick Target Refill Pack 2014
BOOMcodarts Smart Stick Refill Pack 2014
UltimateRoundsPack Ultimate Rounds Pack 2014
RailReloader Rail Reloader 2015
RapidReloadSystem Rapid Reload System 2015

Product sets

Name Year
DualDefendersbox Dual Defenders 2014
EpicBlastPack Epic Blast Pack 2014
ExtremeBattlePack Extreme Battle Pack 2014
HeadtoHeadBlasterPack Head-to-Head Blaster Pack 2014


  • BOOMco.'s previous tagline was "Nail it or fail it!".


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