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Ballzooka MP150
Blaster typeElectronic ball blasterMotorizedballzooka box
Ammunition typeBallistic Balls
Firing rangeThis blaster has a flat firing range of up to twenty-one feet. When angled, it can fire up to forty feet.[1][2][3]
ReliabilityThe Motorized Ballzooka shouldn't jam. Even though the barrels can be rotated by the orange slide on the side, the trigger cannot be held down to fire rapidly; instead, it must be shot one at a time. This is also a very noisy and bulky blaster, making it a poor choice for covert use.[4] It has slightly better than average accuracy, especially considering its ammunition type.
Rate of fireThis blaster fires about one ball a second.
CapacityThe Motorized Ballzooka can hold fifteen balls at a time. Its packaging includes twelve balls.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassWhile its accuracy and firing range is improved over its predecessor, the Ballzooka MP150 is not as powerful as the Ballzooka. The Ballzooka fires much faster than the motorized version. On its own, the Motorized Ballzooka can be useful and powerful; however, compared to the original Ballzooka, it is a bit of a letdown.


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