A barrel is one of the internal components of a Nerf blaster.


It is the outermost internal part, simply because the dart or disc exits from it. Barrels vary from blaster to blaster on length and thickness. Modders often do not modify the barrel, due to the fact that altering the barrel requires alteration of other parts. Sometimes a blaster's barrel can change in size over years of production, such as the Vulcan EBF-25.

The most common barrel modification is a replacement or extension by either a PVC pipe or brass tube.

The barrel of the majority of Nerf blasters, and every single one in the N-Strike, Dart Tag, and Vortex series are orange in color. The inside of the barrel is lined with tiny ridges to prevent the dart from bouncing around when fired.

Barrel extensions

Main article: Barrel extension

Beginning with the Sawtooth and revived with the Longshot CS-6, several different barrel extensions have been produced. These barrel extensions, some of which also doubling as scopes or blasters themselves, come with the blaster and can increase accuracy significantly.

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