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Sonic Barricade RV-10
Blaster typeSingle-fire flywheel system dart blasterBarricade RV-10
Ammunition typeWhistler Darts
FeaturesDetachable shoulder stock compatibility, two tactical rails, one strap point
Firing rangeThe Barricade RV-10 has a flat firing range of about thirty-five feet. The green Whistler Darts that come with it sometimes fishtail, but not as much as the normal Whistler Darts. If using new unshredded Whistler Darts with the blaster and using good batteries, it can fire up to forty-five feet flat and up to fifty-five feet angled. This Barricade performs better than its original yellow counterpart, it is unknown why.[citation needed]
ReliabilityAll Barricades make a lot of noise, which kills any chance of an ambush. For an unknown reason, this version of the Barricade seems to be a little quieter. This Barricade seems to have a firmer grip on the darts, making it less likely for them slip out of the barrel while holding the blaster face down. It also seems to have less jamming issues, but occasionally darts will get stuck in the flywheels. It is very easy to clear out a jam.
The Sonic Barricade has much better accuracy than the yellow version.[citation needed] If the user wants to have the best accuracy, it is recommended to put the Whistler Darts in with the holes facing upwards. The user must also make sure the darts that are being used are not shredded or chewed or there will be a noticeable decrease in both the accuracy and range.
Rate of fireBecause of this blaster's semi-automatic abilities, the user can fire as fast as the user can pull the trigger. Since this is a quick semi-auto blaster, up to four darts can be fired a second. Range decreases by a few inches if the blaster is fired as fast as the user can pull the trigger, due to the flywheels slowing down because of friction. If the user wants the blaster to fire at its maximum range, a short pause should be given between shots to let the flywheels get back to full speed. The best firing speed to go at is two to three darts per second.
CapacityThis blaster can hold up to ten darts in its barrel.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Sonic Barricade has better performance than the original Barricade. This blaster is well worth getting.

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