BattleCamo Series is a sub-series of Nerf blasters that was released in 2017 Theunder the N-Strike Elite series.

The series is a Walmart exclusive.


The BattleCamo Series consists of re-released Nerf blasters that feature a new color scheme of white, dark blue, light blue, black, gray, and orange.

The sub-series also includes re-released attachments, as seen with the Battlescout ICS-10. In addition, they came with the Special Edition version of the Elite Dart.

BattleCamo Series products


Name Year
6000197368394 (1) Battlescout ICS-10 2017
Splitstrike battlecamo SplitStrike 2017


Name Year
BattleCamo dart refill BattleCamo Dart Refill Pack (includes 30 Elite Darts) 2017

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