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Big Bad Bow
Blaster typeSingle-fire direct plunger arrow blasterNerf-big-bad-bow
Ammunition type9" arrows
FeaturesIntegrated scope, integrated two arrow storage
Firing rangeThe Big Bad Bow has a firing range of around fifty feet.[1][2][3][4]
ReliabilityIt cannot jam as it is a single shot blaster. However, its arrows are rather slow while flying towards a target, making it easier to dodge.[5] It is also very difficult for little children to fire the blaster.[6] It is a rather accurate blaster.[7]
Rate of fireIt can fire one arrow every three seconds.
CapacityIt can hold three arrows with the arrow holders attached.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Big Bad Bow is a rather average blaster; however, the the actual bow function is useless and is often discarded by Nerfers. It is definitely worthwhile to modify the blaster to fire Micro Darts, as the arrows bend easily.


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