The bipod stand is a Nerf tactical rail accessory that was released in 2013 under the N-Strike Mega series.

It comes packaged with the Centurion.


It is similar to that of the Vulcan tripod in that it is designed for immobile use rather than on-the-go use. The bipod stand features two legs that can fold up either forward or backwards for storage. It does not snap into place and may collapse if too much pressure is put onto the legs of the bipod; because of this, it is not recommended for use when aiming down at a target. Unlike both the Vulcan tripod and the Longshot CS-6's built-in bipod, it does not have flat feet.


In early production, according to concept art, the bipod stand was not included with the Centurion.[1] It was likely added sometime after the blaster made the transition to the N-Strike Mega sub-series.


  • Originally, the bipod stand was advertised to automatically fold up when on the move. However, it doesn't seem to do this.
  • The bipod stand is currently the only N-Strike Mega detachable accessory.


  1. My Last Dart (2014-01-05). My Last Dart: Click Click Bamf interview author Nathanial Maraunus of Ultimate Nerf Blaster Book.

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