The Blast Fire DX500 is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2001 under the Power Nerf series.

It comes packaged with five Micro Darts.


The Blast Fire DX500 features a black, neon green, and orange color scheme. A large orange button is located on top of the blaster for activating its multiple dart "Blast Fire" firing mode. It also has a set of iron sights on top of the blaster.


The Blast Fire DX500 is considered a predecessor to the Hornet AS-6 due to similarities within the firing system.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Blast Fire DX500, load up five darts into each of the blaster's barrels. Pump the blaster five to six times to fully prime it.[2] Push and pull back the neon green back slide to completely prime the blaster.

To fire semi-automatically, pull the trigger. To use "Blast Fire", push the large orange button on top of the blaster.


  • This is the second blaster produced to be able to fire five darts at once, the first being the Lightnin' Blitz.



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