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Blazin' Bow
Blaster typeSingle-fire pull-and-release arrow blasterNerf-blazin-bow
Ammunition type9" arrows
FeaturesIntegrated two arrow storage
Firing rangeIt doesn't always fire a powerful shot, but the Blazin' Bow fires around twenty-five feet flat[1] and at a good shot and the right angle, it can hit the advertised forty feet.[2] The range may be limited due to a massive air release hole in the plunger tube.[3]
ReliabilityThe blaster cannot jam and misfires are unlikely to happen with steady aiming. Although it doesn't have a way of aiming, predictions made through the sight are fairly accurate.
Rate of fireDue to the fact that the arrow holders are so tight, it can fire around one arrow every two seconds.
CapacityIt can hold up to three arrows at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailAlthough it isn't a blaster recommended for Nerf wars, the Blazin' Bow is still a fun, silent blaster. It serves as a nod to blasters of the past, even possessing internals of the Big Bad Bow. Despite the positives about the Blazin' Bow, it simply cannot compete with modern blasters in almost every aspect.


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