The Booster is a Nerf-branded Perpetual Play Group Super Soaker product that was released in 2012 under the Nerf Super Soaker series.


It is nearly the exact same thing as the Soaker Burst with the exception of size and minor details. It is a foam football that, upon impact, will spray water outwards heavily in the general area of its landing. It is made out of the same foam used in N-Force products and is "filled" by completely soaking the ball. When soaked, it becomes heavy and can cause pain on impact.

Like other Super Soaker products released in 2012, its actual use in battle can be considered rather limited. For unknown reasons it was not as widely-seen or promoted as the remainder of the 2012 Super Soaker products.

Color schemes

The Booster has been released in the following color schemes;

  • Black, orange, and white (regular)
  • Blue, green, and white (2014)


  • The Booster acts extremely well as a grenade in a water fights.