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A screenshot of the game.

Build-a-Blaster is an online game on the Nerf website. The game's premise is building a custom Nerf blaster out of various other blasters' parts, including Vortex, N-Strike, N-Strike Elite, and Dart Tag blasters.


The blasters are divided into between two and six pieces, with the Vortex Nitron featuring the highest amount of pieces and the Vortex Vigilon and Dart Tag Speedload 6 featuring the lowest amount of pieces, from which the player can rearrange and alter to create a new blaster of their choice. Pieces are dragged onto the screen, and when a piece is no longer needed on the screen, they are dragged onto the delete button/parts select. Once the player is satisfied with their creation, it can be saved to the computer along with a name of the player's choice.

Featured blasters


  • It has the most blasters featured out of all Nerf online games: sixteen.

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