The Camglasses Recorder is a Nerf-branded product introduced in 2013.


It is a pair of glasses that have recording abilities within them, which is used to record footage of wars or other related incidents. They are made of plastic, and have been released in two different colors. Unlike most N-Strike tech products, these do not use the typical N-Strike colors. Instead, they opt for a black and yellow, or black and clear color scheme.

Although this may be under the Nerf name, it was not actually made by Hasbro. Further evidence to support this is the logo on the box, which differs from the N-Strike logo, and resembles the logo used on the Disk Shooter.


It was first debuted at the 2013 Toy Fair.

Color schemes

The Camglasses Recorder has been sold in the following color schemes:

  • Black with yellow lenses
  • Black with transparent lenses



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