The Card Game is a Nerf-branded Shuffle Card Games product that was released in 2014.


The Card Game is a game similar to the Quick Blast Game. It is ideally designed for four players but more or less can be played with instead, although this game will not work when played alone like many card games. After four target cards are laid down, deal out nine dart cards to each blaster. Place one dart slightly over the remainder of the darts to create a "dart blaster". When the round is called, sharply flip over the dart and place it on a matching-color card in front.

If a target is not won by a player during the round, it moves on to the next round and replacement targets are added for the targets won by players. A single colored dart will more than likely not complete a target; as long as a second dart of the other color on the target is placed onto the card in a following round, the card is won by the completing player. If two players hit a target at the same time and the target is completed, the player who landed on the target first will win both darts.

The player with the most points won at the end of the game, when all targets have been taken, will win the game; this is calculated by the points seen on each target won added up.


The Shuffle brand itself was first revealed in the form of a tweet on February 26, 2014[1].

App game

The Card Game is also compatible with a free online flash game made by Cartamundi Digital that can be accessed on mobile devices as well[2]. This app requires additional Nerf cards to be used and only acts as a guide. It advertises to not feature a single word necessary to understand the concept of the game.



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