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Centerfire Tech electronic scope
Accessory typeScope (tactical rail)
Average retail priceN/A

The Centerfire Tech electronic scope is an electronic scope accessory. It is powered by two "AAA" batteries.

It comes packaged with the Nitron.


It can be attached to any blaster via tactical rail. If the scope is left alone for ten minutes, It automatically powers off.

The aiming window contains three etched panes of clear material which have LEDs that make the etched trapezoids light up. Each trapezoid is widest at the top and is sequentially smaller than the last, which allows a user to align and aim.

Unlike the tactical scope, it has three light settings that can be used to target an opponent: Slow Tracking, Fast Tracking, and All On. The "tracking" modes are simply sequential LED flashes that make the trapezoids appear to close in on the center of the scope at various speed.

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