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The Centurion is a Nerf blaster that was released on August 1, 2013[1] under the N-Strike Elite Mega sub-series.

It comes packaged with a Mega clip, a bipod stand, six Mega Darts, and instructions.


The Centurion has two tactical rails: one at the stock end of the blaster and one under the muzzle, where the folding bipod is advertised to be attached. It features an integrated shoulder stock similar to that of the Stampede ECS. It has five sling points: two at the end of the blaster, and three on the front barrel. Its priming indicator is located halfway down its tactical rail.

The priming bolt slot in the side of the blaster is almost half the length of the blaster itself, suggesting that this blaster has long priming travel. It features a two-foot plunger tube.

It is advertised to shoot one hundred feet flat. There is a disclaimer on some of the promotional artwork for the Centurion stating: "Not all Mega Centurion blasters in all markets fire up to 100 feet". This issue may be similar to how N-Strike Elite blaster firing mechanisms were weakened for release in other countries due to foreign safety laws.


The Centurion was initially revealed by online blogger My Last Dart in March, 2013.[2]

The Centurion was originally known during prototype stages as the Javelin. In this stage, it was going to be released under the N-Strike Elite line and featured the typical blue, white and orange N-Strike Elite color scheme. It is unknown if the darts would have still been Mega Darts, although the clip appeared to be left unchanged. Interestingly, the blaster would have had the ability to hold another clip nearby the stock of the blaster.[3]

The Centurion is considered a successor to previous, shorter-ranged but similar sniper-style blasters like the 2010 Longstrike CS-6 and the 2006 Longshot CS-6. Not long after its debut, there were reports detailing complaints about the Centurion, mainly concerning the priming mechanism.

Strangely, the Centurion was never sold in certain locations such as Portugal. Despite this, Portugal did receive the Magnus, with the Magnus being the first N-Strike Elite Mega product sold there.[4]

Color schemes

The Centurion has been released with the following color schemes:

Reloading and firing

To reload the Centurion, make sure the bolt is in the front position and press the button behind the clip window in to remove the clip. Load up to six Mega Darts into the provided clip and insert it into the clip slot.

To prime the Centurion, pull the bolt to the rear of the blaster and push it forward back to the starting position. This loads one dart into the chamber. Green marks indicating the blaster is ready to fire will appear facing the user.

Pull the trigger to fire the blaster.


NERF N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion TV Commercial00:31

NERF N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion TV Commercial

The official Centurion commercial.

  • It is the longest Nerf blaster, surpassing the Longstrike CS-6 by 1.2 inches (3 centimeters).
  • It is likely called the "Centurion" because it can fire up to a hundred feet, a reference to Centurions of the Ancient Roman army, who commanded 100 soldiers at a time.
  • Since the barrel of the Centurion is a permanent fixture, the blaster is not designed to be loaded without the barrel. This can be circumvented, however, by pressing in a mechanism found in front of the clip window upwards, and then loading the clip.
  • It can fire up to 100 feet despite the fact that it uses a reverse plunger. while its plunger is quite large, this might be the cause of inconsistent ranges.
  • It was thought that the Centurion would never need modifications, as someone could simply purchase a Centurion and use it as is without modding. The modding community did not welcome the Centurion for a variety of reasons, mainly because of the fact that it uses Mega Darts, which are difficult to manufacture home-made and are expensive to purchase separately, and due to the low reception of the blaster itself.
  • It has the highest advertised distance for a Nerf blaster yet, alongside the 2014 N-Strike Elite Mega Thunderbow.
  • According to the Ultimate Blaster Book, the Centurion was codenamed as the Ranger One.[citation needed]
  • The Centurion is the only Mega blaster that is loaded with an external clip.


Centurionbox Mega Series Centurionmodel
The full image gallery for Centurion may be viewed at Centurion/Gallery.


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