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The Classic Football is a Nerf product that was released under the Nerf Sports series.


It is a simple football that is often decorated with logos and color schemes of the NFL teams featured on the ball. It is advertised to have "pro grip", giving players a better grip on the ball when throwing and catching.


The Classic Football is simply a re-released version of the Pro Grip Football; the football itself features the same marks and lines as the Pro Grip Football did. This is why it advertises to have a "pro grip".

Color schemes

The Classic Football has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Black and white
  • Orange and black
  • Brown and black
  • Green Bay Packers (green/yellow)


ClassicFootball-OrangeBlackPackaging ClassicFootball-BW ClassicFootball-Packers
The full image gallery for Classic Football may be viewed at Classic Football/Gallery.

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