A six dart clip.

A clip is a dart holding device. Clips are useful for fast reloading for heated battles in a Nerf war.



The first Nerf clip type was released in 1995 along with the Sawtooth. The second clip type was released in 1997 along with the Electric Eel. It was not until 2007 and the release of the Longshot CS-6 and the six dart clip that clips became very popular and widely used.


Modification of clips is very uncommon. This is because clips cannot be opened up without force, and using force could break the clip.

Before Suction Darts, Nerfers would modify clips to use other darts like Micro Darts, and other non-clip compatible darts, because Streamline Darts and Elite Darts were inaccurate. Banana clips use a block; if this block is removed, it allows the clip to hold twelve darts.[1] Other times, Nerfers may combine clips together, such as combining a six dart clip with another six dart clip to make a makeshift twelve dart clip. In some clips, such as an eighteen dart clip, Nerfers may chisel out plastic on the left side so they can see darts loaded when they are right-handed. By drilling a hole into the retainer of the clip, and then putting a guide rod, the clip can load Stefans more properly.[2]

Clip variations


Clip system clips

These clips are compatible with all clip system blasters.

Name Year
Yioirutfyeje Six dart clip (N-Strike) 2007
Untitled Eighteen dart clip (N-Strike) 2010
Eighteendartclipelite Eighteen dart clip (N-Strike Elite) 2012
Fireflyclip Firefly Tech clip 2012
Nerf-n-strike-elite-hail-fire (1) Six dart clip (N-Strike Elite) 2012
Twelvedartclip Twelve dart clip 2012
BananaclipHD Banana clip 2014
12dartrebelle Twelve dart clip (Rebelle) 2014
FlipClip Flip Clip 2015
10dartclip Ten dart clip 2016

Other clips

These clips are only compatible with the blaster they were originally packaged in with. The majority of these clips are discontinued.

Name Year Patron blaster
Clipsawtooth10 Five dart clip 1995 Sawtooth
FourDartClip Four dart clip 1997 Electric Eel
Magstrikeclip Magstrike clip 2007 Magstrike
Megaclip Mega Clip 2013 Centurion
Battlecamo-load Battlescout clip 2016 Battlescout ICS-10

Buzz Bee

Clip system clips

These clips are compatible with most Buzz Bee clip system blasters.

Name Year
Buzzbee 8 dart clipazine Eight dart clip 2015
20dartclipazine Twenty dart clip 2015

Other clips

These clips are only compatible with the blaster they were originally packaged with.

Name Year
Unknown Destiny clip 2016


  • Some of the 2011 Super Soaker blasters use a similar reloading system with an accessory called the water clip. It functions much like a regular clip, but holds water instead of darts.
  • Most clips can fit at least one more dart than advertised as able to do so, but this makes them more prone to jamming.
  • Although marketed under the name "clip", the Nerf clips are technically magazines by definition. A clip is used to feed a magazine or revolving cylinder, while a magazine or a belt is used to load rounds into the chamber.

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