A Collectible Suction Dart is a type of Nerf dart.

Six come packaged in the Star Shot blaster set. It is unknown if they will be able to be purchased separately.


The Collectible Suction Dart is a variant of the Rebelle Collectible Dart. It features a suction cup head that allow the darts to stick to surfaces like walls, windows, and mirrors. Unlike the N-Strike Elite Suction Dart, the Collectible Suction Dart features a very similar design to the Micro Dart, and features plastic that runs along the top of the dart's foam.

Because of its suction cup tip, it is not compatible with clip system Rebelle blasters. Neither color scheme variant of the dart featured the Rebelle logo or other designs commonly seen on Rebelle darts.


It is a successor to the incredibly popular Micro Dart, alongside the N-Strike Elite Suction Dart.

Color schemes

The Collectible Suction Dart will be released in the following color schemes:

  • Purple
  • Blue

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