The Cosmic Thruster is a Lanard ball blaster that was released under the Total X-Stream Air series.

It comes packaged with six Cosmic Balls.


The Cosmic Thruster is similar to that of the Nerf Reactor. It is a single-fire ball blaster that has two handles but lacks a trigger. Because of this it is manually powered and has to be fired by pulling back the front handle. The unfortunately named title has become infamous in the NIC as a source of ridicule.[3][4]

There is a small handle of sorts on the top of the blaster that slightly sticks out although one cannot fit their hand underneath it. A large weak spring is seen in the barrel of the blaster in order to push the balls forward and advancing them to the next position after one is fired. It advertises a firing range of up to thirty feet.[5]


The Cosmic Thruster, in spite of its rather plain design, suffers from a serious design flaw; the balls, when inserted in the barrel, create a seal that prevents the blaster from firing without extreme amounts of force. This causes one to repeatedly slam the priming handle to no avail. While this likely does not effect every model of the blaster it is still a notorious flaw that competitor blasters do not seem to suffer from. The internal plastic seal is also rather fragile and can break easily after prolonged use, leading to the blaster suffering from the inability to fire.


This was one of the very first blasters by Lanard. As with many Lanard blasters the official year of release is unknown. The blaster is speculated to have been released sometime between 2003 and 2005 as the Cosmic Thruster was seen in images of the 2005 Lanard line.[6] It is still sold today and is frequently updated in color schemes. The original yellow and gray color schemes were later replaced by a blue variant, with the current variant donning an orange color schemes.

Color schemes

The Cosmic Thruster has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Blue, black, green, and silver
  • Yellow, gray, and orange
  • Yellow, gray, and blue
  • Orange, black, and yellow

Blaster sets

The Cosmic Thruster comes packaged in the Ultimate Triple Shots blaster set alongside the First Shot and the Zip Shot. It has also been sold in a blaster set with the Sonic Bazooka.


As the Cosmic Thruster does not have a trigger or the ability to fire darts, modification is extremely limited like most other ball blasters. While it is possible that small modifications such as air restrictor removals can be completed, potential range increase is rather small due to the overall nature of the blaster. The very similar Nerf Reactor and Buzz Bee Ball Blastzooka can both be modified to high degrees with a lot of experience. One would expect the Cosmic Thruster to be in a similar fashion when it comes to modifications, it cannot be modified to the same extent due to the restrictor ring.[7] This prevents the Cosmic Thruster from any sort of high level of modifications.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Cosmic Thruster, load up to six Cosmic Balls in the blaster.

Pull the back handle back and push it forwards to fire a ball.


  • The Cosmic Thruster is the only Lanard blaster compatible with Cosmic Balls.


CosmicThruster-box CosmicThruster-model2 CosmicThruster-blue
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