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The Crunchable Football is a Nerf-branded dog ball that was released in 2013 under the Nerf Dog series.


It is a rubber football that, like the Crunch Ball, is designed to have a very high protection from crunching. The ball has a very tough surface to withstand frequent chewing. The football itself is approximately six inches long and comes in two different colors. On the inside of the rubber layer is a regular, presumably foam football. Similar to the Feeder Football, it has a hole on each side of the ball.

A net-like pattern can be seen on the front of the ball, exposing the football underneath. Within the football is a crinkly material


It was released in the first line of Nerf Dog products. It was first unveiled at a SuperZoo convention in July, 2013.

Color schemes

The Crunchable Football has been released in the following color schemes;

  • Neon green and orange
  • Red and red
  • Blue and black
  • Red and black
  • Green and black



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