The Curve Pitch Baseball Set is a Nerf product set that was released in 2009 under the Nerf Sports series.

It comes packaged with one Curve Pitch Baseball and a plastic bat.


The bat

The bat that it comes packaged with is not sold anywhere else. It is an orange bat with a black handle, which appears to be made of either foam or plastic.

The ball

Main article: Curve Pitch Baseball

The ball that it comes packaged with can be purchased separately in refill-packs. It is a foam ball that has been designed to resemble a baseball. It has a patch on the side of the ball which, when thrown at different angles, will be able to make different pitches such as sinkers, curveballs, risers and sliders.


This is not Nerf's first foray into baseball, as they had produced several different baseball bats throughout the 90's.

The Curve Pitch Baseball Set was spiritually succeeded by the 2014 Firevision Sports Baseball Set.

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