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Elite dart

An Elite Dart, a type of Nerf dart.

A dart is a type of ammunition that is fired from a Nerf dart blaster.


Darts were first introduced in 1992 with the release of the Sharpshooter; it came packaged with Sharpshooter Darts, a variation of what came to be the Mega Dart. Darts proved to be more popular than Ballistic Balls, so Nerf continued creating dart blasters.

A year later, the Micro Dart was introduced. Both Mega Darts and Micro Darts were produced side by side for several years, before the Mega Dart was retired in 1999. At one point, three major dart lines were being sold under the Nerf line; Mega Darts, Micro Darts, and SuperMAXX Darts. The first offshoot of the Micro Dart was launched in 1999 and known as the Screamin' Micro Dart.

Streamline Darts were introduced in 2006 along with the release the Longshot CS-6, the first clip system blaster.

Tagger Micro Darts were introduced with the Dart Tag series.

With the release of the Elite Dart in 2012, the Micro Dart and its main derivatives (the Sonic Micro, Whistler, and Streamline Darts) were discontinued. The Micro Dart is only sold with promotional blasters today.

Types of darts



Dart modification

Main article: Dart modification

Dart modification is when darts are enhanced to be more accurate or powerful. This can be anything from plugging the holes in Elite Mega Darts to filling the tips of Elite Darts And Streamlines. Although Hasbro does not recommend the modification of Nerf Darts the modding community does it anyway.

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