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A screenshot of the game.

Dart Art is an online game available for playing on the Nerf website. The game features a white background and a Retaliator blaster, which the player uses to "paint" the background with Elite Darts.


The player starts with a Retaliator in front of a white screen. They can fire Elite Darts at the screen, which function like paintballs and explode into a paint splotch on the screen. The color of the paint can be switched to add different paint layers. There is a "random" button at the bottom of the screen which launches varying sizes and colors of splotches onto the screen. All of the progress can be erased with the erase mode or, should the player intend to keep their drawing, saved onto one's computer.

Occasionally in the game black shapes will come onto the screen. This is a glitch in the game that can be fixed by simply placing the mouse over the black shapes, erasing them.

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