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Dart Tag is a discontinued line of Nerf products that was first released in 2004.

Dart Tag is also an "official" sport for Nerf; since 2009 there has an official tournament Nerf runs called the Nerf Dart Tag League. The tournament ran yearly from 2009 to 2011; it has not run since then.


Products under the Dart Tag series include blasters, vests, goggles, and other accessories that are meant to be used with the game of "Dart Tag".


Dart Tag was originally under the Street Zone line. This name was quickly changed however and was only officially called this on the packaging of the first set to include the Hyperfire. This may assume that this line of Nerf blasters would have actually intended to be under the Nerf Sports line.

Dart Tag blasters released from 2005 until 2009 all come packaged with Tagger Micro Darts. However, they can all fire other kinds of Micro Darts as well; the Quick 16 and Speedload 6 are exceptions to this. Since 2011, the primary type of ammunition was changed to Tagger Micro Whistler Darts.

In the United Kingdom and Canada, the 2011 blasters were released under the name Dart Tag 2.0.

In 2012, several Dart Tag blasters were re-released with blue triggers. These blasters have a better range than their original blaster due to stronger internals.

The 2013 line was originally speculated to be much bigger, with eyewitness accounts claiming four blasters were to be released.[1] Despite this, only one blaster was released in 2013. Although rumors were spread that new Dart Tag products would appear in 2014, no news of a new blaster was ever released. As of March 2015, the future of the Dart Tag line is still unknown.

Dart Tag products


Name Year
Dartaggun Hyperfire 2004
100 5803 Firestrike 2005
Nerf-strikefire Strikefire 2005
Nerf magstrike Magstrike 2007
Microblasters Eliminator 2008
Furyfire Furyfire 2009
Stormfiregreen Stormfire 2009
Quick16pic Quick 16 2011
Sharpshotdarttag Sharp Shot 2011
Speedload6pic Speedload 6 2011
Nerf+Dart+Tag+Speedswarm+-+03 Speedswarm 2011
Nerf-dart-tag-swarmfire Swarmfire 2011
Snapfire Snapfire 8 2012
Stingerprev Stinger 2013

Product sets

Name Year
VISION GEAR (Grey) kit Vision Gear Glasses Kit 2008
Untitled nerf dart tag set 1 Strikefire 2-Player Duel System 2008
Capturetheflag Capture the Flag 2009
Quick162Player Deluxe 2-Player Starter Pack 2011
Speedload62Player Speedload 6 Starter Pack 2011
1playerpack 1-Player Pack 2012
SharpShot2Player 2-Player Starter Pack 2012
DartDuel Dart Duel 2013


Name Year
VISION GEAR (Black) Vision Gear glasses 2004
Nurf Dart Tag vest 2004
Fast load sleeve2 Fast-Load Sleeve 2010
Darttagjersey Official competition jersey 2011
Trainingjersey Training jersey 2011


  • The 2011 Dart Tag blasters have many shells of plastic, making them harder to modify. This is probably done to stop people from cheating in the official tournament and/or regular matches.

Official videos


  1. Basic Nerf: Nerf Dart Tag to Come Back Big in 2013? (Rumor).

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