A screenshot of the game.

Dart Tag: Arena Showdown is an online game available to play on the Nerf website. It features two players who use Furyfire blasters to take turns firing at each other.


It is an aiming game in a similar fashion to Raft Wars or Tank Wars, where the player must fire at one target to obtain the most points.

At the start screen, the player gets a choice of two different characters; the green character and the orange character. The character whom the player does not pick becomes the player's rival in the game.

The game itself is based off of the Nerf Dart Tag League and puts the player in the situation of a member playing on the field against an opponent. The player character will be situated behind several boxes, which can be eliminated with a hit by a Tagger Micro Dart. The goal of the game is to strike the opponent ten times with your darts before they can do the same.

An important factor of the game is wind resistance, which is almost always on the field and has an impact on where the darts fly and how far they reach. Wind resistance is charted in a meter at the top of the screen.

After reaching ten points, the opponent will lower his head in shame, while the player character jumps in the air.


At the end of the game, this message will appear;

"YOU WON THE MATCH! You are the NERF champion!"

Unlike other Nerf online games, this game does not take scores; instead, it merely shows the player's statistics at the end of the game.

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