Not to be confused with Air Zone.


Dart Zone (or Dart Zone: Covert Ops) is a brand of dart blasters owned by Prime Time Toys.


Prior to 2014, the Dart Zone brand consisted of re-releases of Air Zone blasters.



Name Year
Unknown Belt Blaster 2012
Unknown Quickfire 10 2012
Eagle Eagle 2014
Raptor Raptor 2014
Scorpiongatlingblaster Scorpion Gatling Blaster 2014
Talon Talon 2014
Blitzfire Blitzfire 2016
Enforcer Enforcer Belt Blaster 2016
Havoc Havoc 2016
Legendfire Legendfire 2016
Magnum DartZone Magnum 2016
PhantomPowershot Phantom Powershot 2016
PowerboltBeltBlaster Powerbolt Belt Blaster 2016
RenegadeDoubleBarrel Renegade Double Barrel 2016
Tri-Fire Tri-Fire 2016


Name Year
Blitzfire2pack Blitzfire 2-Pack 2016
Tri-Fire3pack Tri-Fire 3-Pack 2016
Quad4pack Quad 4-Pack 2016

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