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A Spectre REV-5's dart posts.

A dart post is a long, usually orange, rod that fits under the dart when a dart is loaded into the barrel of a blaster. There are some blasters that don't have dart posts, because the darts aren't manually inserted into the barrel, including clip-system blasters.


The dart posts of a blaster are usually orange, with most posts in older blasters being black, and are the exact length to fit the cylindrical hole in all types of darts. These posts help accuracy by a small margin, because when they are fired, the darts stay stabilized. Many modders remove the dart posts so that they can fire Stefans, or modified darts. Blasters that include dart posts are ones such as the Element EX-6, Nite Finder EX-3, Spectre REV-5, and Firefly REV-8.

Some blasters utilize the post as the air delivery, like the Air Tech 1000, SuperMAXX 250, Rocketstorm and SuperMAXX 350. In these blasters, the post acts as a barrel, with the air only leaving the blaster from the tip of the post. Some blasters that have barrels, however, still utilize the post as the air delivery, like the Warthog.


  • Shortening or removing the dart post from some N-Strike blasters can allow them to use Streamline Darts if they normally couldn't. This is due to the longer stem in the head of the Streamlines hitting the end of the dart post, which doesn't allow the dart to seal properly.

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