The Day/Night Zoom Scope is a Nerf scope accessory that was released in fall of 2017 under the N-Strike Modulus series.


The Day/Night Zoom Scope is a battery-operated digital scope that can attach to Nerf blasters via tactical rail. It features two modes: "Day Mode" and "Night Mode", allowing it to be used even in the dark. It has a 5x zoom, allowing the user to see targets from a distance.


  • The Day/Night Zoom Scope is the only Hasbro-made scope to feature zoom capabilities.
  • Unlike many other Nerf scopes, the Day/Night Zoom Scope does not have any crosshairs.
  • During the boot sequence the screen displays a "NiteFinder Tech" logo, harkening back to the technology found in the Nite Finder EX-3.
  • The scope uses a digital zoom, which, when zooming in on a target, takes the image of the target zoomed out and simply blows up the image. Therefore, when the image is zoomed in to the max limit, the image is pixelated.
  • Alongside the HD Action Camcorder, the Day/Night Zoom Scope is by far the most expensive Nerf attachment.