Not to be confused with Defender T3.

The Defender is a Hasbro Super Soaker that was released in 2006.


It is an air-based soaker that uses a pump that is located externally and is similar to that of a Nerf Hornet AS-6's pump. The soaker was one of two soakers released in 2006, the other being the Overload, and features a straight-forward, no-nonsense design, as the name would suggest. There is a place on the front of the soaker that would act as a grip in battle.

The Defender is most well known for its handle. Instead of featuring a conventional handle, the Defender uses a trigger and a position for the hand to slide in behind it. This is the first time this has been done on any Super Soaker. It lacks any iron sights or areas to attach a strap, and features one nozzle.


It does not have any known predecessor; the Defender was larger than pistol-class and did not feature features used in SoakerTag Elite soakers. Its closest resemblance is that of the Hydro Blade from 2004.

It was not continued into the unnamed 2008 series and is assumed to be dropped from future plans. It is unknown why the blaster was not continued into any further lines.

The blaster was not given a replacement from the Aquashock line in 2007, the last line to feature a mid-sized air-pressure blaster. Today, the Defender is quite rare, and among the rarest Super Soakers introduced in the past ten years.

Value packs

A strange value pack exists of the Defender which includes a Max Infusion Aquapack and SoakerTags, bearing both the Max Infusion and SoakerTag Elite logos. This hybrid packaging has not been seen on any other blaster since.