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Deploy CS-6
Blaster typeSingle fire clip system reverse plunger dart blasterDeploy CS-6
Ammunition typeStreamline Darts
FeaturesBlaster/Flashlight Mode, integrated light, barrel extension compatability, one tactical rail, dart storage in priming mechanism, one strap point
Firing rangeThis blaster has a firing range of about twenty-five to thirty feet.[1]
ReliabilityThe Deploy misfires and jams a lot. The handle is also wobbly and flimsy due to the fact that it has to fold up into the blaster. It is also well-known for being poorly made and there is a good chance of having a rather poor performance out of the box that most blasters should only have after extended use. This problem most notably affects the firing range; "bad" Deploys often only fire about ten to fifteen feet instead of twenty-five to thirty feet. This blaster has average accuracy for a clip system blaster. However, the Deploy is also very wobbly, which greatly affects the blaster's accuracy.
Rate of fireThis blaster has a max rate of fire of about two darts per second. However, firing this quickly will increase possibility of jams. It is recommended that it be fired a dart a second to avoid jams.
CapacityThis blaster comes packaged with a six dart clip and can hold a seventh in the secret spare dart hole located in the cocking handle, bringing the total capacity up to seven.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe Deploy is an underwhelming blaster. Its ranges and accuracy are not as good as other clip system blasters. There is also the issue with the possibility of a Deploy being underpowered and having a "worn" performance out of the box. The Deploy is best skipped, as other blasters are out there that easily outperform it.


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