The Disk Shooter is a Nerf-branded product produced by Ingo Devices that was released in 2013.

It comes packaged with a Jolt EX-1, three Whistler Darts, and three disks.


It is a device that launches disks in a similar fashion to the Disk Shot. The included Jolt is advertised as a "Jolt-X" on the back of the box, commonly thought of to be a mistranslation. Among the mistranslations on the box include "Nerf Strike" on the back, whereas it should have been "N-Strike". The Disk Shooter has the typical orange, yellow and black N-Strike color scheme. There are various pictures, among them targets and polygons, scattered throughout the front of the Disk Shooter alongside the "Nerf Strike" logo seen frequently on the product.


Prior to being released under the Nerf line, this device was released under other toy brands, such as the Spider-Man brands.

The set was first debuted at the 2013 Toy Fair.[1]


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