EES is a series of Hasbro Super Soakers that began in 2003.


This series features a line of soakers that all featured various lights and sounds that could be activated on each soaker. These soakers unfortunately lacked power, and being the first line being entirely developed under Hasbro's command of the Super Soaker brand, left a bad image to some fans. This line to this day is still associated with poor performances.


None of the soakers in this series were re-released under any further line. These soakers did not make the jump to 2004's SoakerTag line and were discontinued upon the release of the new line. Due to this, these soakers are now quite uncommon, especially the EES Turbine.


Super Soakers

Name Year
EESSonic EES Sonic 2003
EESTempest EES Tempest 2003
EESTurbine EES Turbine 2003


  • EES stands for "Electronic Enhanced Soakage".[1]


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